Our story is more of a ‘love story’ (say what?). Friends since elementary school who met 12,000km away and decided to share their weekly conversations. These conversations are not always topic oriented and may get way out of hand. Trust me they do!

So… play an episode and enjoy being part of the conversation.


Goals & Vision

Keeping the conversations genial is one of our main goals, we want our audience to feel accompanied and engaged at all times. Indeed, It’s been proven over time that Khodcast is highly influenced by its audience, due to the enormous daily incoming comments, suggestions, and constructive feedback. This bilateral interaction is the very first of its kind in Farsi podcast production.

To promote the culture of conversation is our ultimate vision. We believe that our society is suffering from a lack of genuine conversations and we are on a mission to fix that. (So help me god :D)

Who We Are

 I wish it was that easy to answer these questions. Who are we really? To make it easier to answer (only for ourselves) we will be cheesy here. We are a bunch ‘Generation Y’ people with a dream. Anyone who has been involved in Khodcast has been a long-time friend of ours, and what is better than sharing this friendship with everyone else?

 We are curious people that question everything and also believe that learning needs to be fun, hence we comically deliver the topics. We ensure that we do not censor ourselves and say what is on our minds.




Meet The Team



Co-Host / Producer

Besides being the main procrastinator, Iman is responsible for keeping the group together as, without him, it is mayhem. Iman also prides himself on his FIFA skills, but other than that, he has got nothing! Iman has been trying to lose 6kgs in the past 20 years and every time you ask him, he is still trying. (no progress yet). Iman is also the jokester of the team, he can make anything dirty and make jokes out of the saddest of events.

A little more about Iman:

  • Video Game Collector
  • Car Enthusiast
  • Challenge-Accepted Mentality
  • Gadget Addict
  • Consumed by Capitalism

He is the main guy when it comes down to anything deep. (Huh… That’s what she said!) Sometimes he takes the conversation so deep, that Iman is unable to keep up. Besides going deep, Karoon is the smart guy of the group, he thinks he is good at FIFA but he has got nothing. (Iman is writing this, so… yeah). Karoon is also the fan favourite for his thought process and sea of words that he uses.

A little more about Karoon:

  • Anti-Iman Mentality
  • Minimalism Lover
  • Avid Reader
  • Born to Eat
  • 0% Body-Fat (or very close)





Social Media Coordinator

One sentence: Team harmonizer. If it wasn’t for her, the team wouldn’t have a helping hand and a supportive heart. She pushes us to shift old paradigms and start new conversations because she believes dialogue has the power to initiate learning, re-learning, and unlearning. She delights to keep us connected with our online community (especially twitter since none of us knows how to use it *face-palm*).

A little more about Rojin:

  • Curious Toe Dipper

  • Cat person

  • Sharp-Shooter Mentality

  • Graphic Content Enthusiast

The more stable of the two brothers (Farhad & Farzad). He has joined the team less than a year ago and has been helping a lot with finding new content and news of the week. He is also the co-producer of the show, even though you can barely see him, Farzad is always active behind the camera and the equipment. 

A little more about Farzad:

  • Runner & Hiker
  • Nature Lover
  • Passion for Horseback Riding
  • Minimalist-Wanna-Be





No One Knows!

If there was a list of worst best friends alive, Farhad would be in the top 10 right after Donald Trump! No one really knows what Farhad is to Khodcast or even Khodcast to Farhad. He comes and goes, and we know he is not to be trusted with anything. Farhad is like the morning wood… There’s a love, hate relationship here! If you have been following us, then you know!

A little more about Farhad:

  • He doesn’t have a soul!
  • Supposedly Animal Lover (Under Dispute)
  • Car Lover
  • Down-To-Do Anything Mentality

    Meet The Listeners